Our mission

Personal goals

Knowing and controlling their own body, behaving according to their abilities and showing a positive attitude regarding their hygiene, care and the reinforcement of well-being and healthcare habits.

Exploring and being aware of their physical surroundings, recognising features and properties of the elements around them and the existing relations between them; being curious but also careful.

Recalling different aspects of reality (objects, events, situations…) or even products of their imagination, and expressing them by means of symbolic games, language, music, arts and crafts, body language…

Finding out basic abilities and using them for learning (attention, memory, visual and auditory separation, time-space sense of direction and mobility).

objetivos en educacion infantil
objetivos proyecto educativo

Social goals

Learning to fend for him/herself in daily activities in order to fulfil basic needs of healthcare, amusement and human relationships; showing a level of autonomy, self-confidence and conviction regarding his/her possibilities and asking for assistance whenever necessary.

Discovering and adopting a positive, creative, responsible and self-improvement attitude as the only one for everyday situations.

Appreciating and creating bonds of friendship with groups of people which s/he belongs to as well as understanding and accepting feelings of fondness towards the others and being equally affectionate developing attitudes of cooperation and solidarity.

Recognising and being interested in personal and cultural differences adopting a tolerant and respectful attitude towards diversity.

Educational goals

Using oral language accurately to understand and express his/her ideas, feelings, experiences and desires depending on the different contexts and daily situations; in order to affect people’s behaviour and define his/her own behaviour.

Introduction to reading and writing as a source of information and as a means of expression.

Recognising musical, gestural and art forms of representation, as well as using their own means and more basic techniques (painting, modelling, mime and singing) in order to increase their expressive possibilities.

Assimilating a second language as a way of communication with people from other cultures, as well as understanding and making little speeches orally.

objetivos para niños