Assessment criteria

The process of school assessment can be used as a guidance for the learning of the child. In Montemar, the assessment refers to a set of general objectives which imply a constant follow-up.

These assessment is carried out in three stages:

Adaptation to the center

Approximately, one month after of the student’s admission in the school, an assessment is carried out to evaluate his/her adjustment to the new environment and their classmates.

Quarterly assessment

This evaluation shows the achievements regarding the established objectives.

Final assessment

This points out the achievements according to the general objectives of the course for the academic year.

The information needed for the evaluation will be collected by the teacher, by means of direct and thorough observation of the student. However, the usage of observation scales, designed by the psycho-pedagogical staff, and the fact of making an appointment with parents will be only in such cases where it deems them necessary.

Two quarterly assessments (in December and March) and one annual assessment (at the end of July) will be given to the parents of the students. And, they will have the opportunity of talking about with the teacher and the psycho-pedagogical staff.

In addition, parents will receive everyday: a report – referring to the attitude of the child towards food and sleep, and a summary of the activities and events of the day.