Our commitment

Qualified staff

  • Specialised teachers in bilingual (English) pre-school education.
  • An educational assistant of pre-school.
  • A psychologist, a speech therapist and entertainers.
  • A psychomotor educator and swimming instructors.


Facilities are specially designed in order to fulfil every necessity of this educational stage.

An educational project in constant development by our teaching staff and, also yearly revised by the Board of Education of the Autonomous Community of Madrid.

MONTEMAR offers a friendly and reliable school environment for their students, in which through participation and games, the child:

Gets to know his/her own body, his/her possibilities and limitations and, at the same time acquires ongoing autonomy in daily activities (sphincters control, food independence, dressing, personal care, etc.).

Explores and becomes aware of his/her environment (physical, family and social); recognizes other people, objects, animals and plants, and learns how to respect and love them.

Mingles with the rest through different forms of expression and communication. Expresses his/her emotions, desires and experiences both orally and by body language but also musically and sculpturally.

Takes on his/her first responsibilities, s/he is aware of the existence of rules and learns how to put them into practice.

Develops the necessary life skills as well as s/he is ready for getting on independently and autonomously in other environments within the community (at school, for instance).

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