Medical center

Our pre-school counts on the medical care of a paediatrician who carries out proactive functions and medical advice, as well as she visits the centre not only as needed but also once a month. Moreover, our paediatrician checks monthly the menus and give advice in the upkeep of the centre’s first-aid kit.

Regularly, the paediatrician will check students’ health. Therefore, parents will receive an annual medical report in which any event regarding their children’s health and development will be noticed.

It is important to mention, that the paediatrician will not deal with daily health issues in which children may need medical assistance, because this action must be carried out closely by the family paediatrician.

Psycho-pedagogical Guidance Department

The psychologist and the educator are at the disposal of children, parents, teachers and staff of the school. And, they try to advice regarding different aspects in the development of a child (school adjustment, learning and assessment techniques, behavioural problems, etc.) in order to optimize pupils’ learning and their ongoing development.

The Psycho-pedagogical Guidance Department takes responsibility for: reviewing the quarterly educational programme, designing the academic assessment scheme, organising the activities for Parents’ School, giving advice to teachers about school planning, learning techniques and identification of possible learning difficulties in pupils.

On a private sector, the school offers private consultations with the psycho-pedagogical office to evaluate, diagnose and treat different problems that may arise (Contact the Administration). MONTEMAR has the following facilities and material resources

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