The School, with the experience and cooperation of other centres, has selected a catering service which provides the menus on a daily basis. That, allows us personally to carefully control the nutritional needs of each student; as well as to personalize those menus for children with allergies and special diets, and occasionally, replace any foodstuff because of medical instructions.

The production of special diets – due to some allergic problems and other illnesses, is carried out with close parents’ cooperation and under the direct care of our paediatrician. The menu will be delivered to the parents at the beginning of each month, since evening meals and menus during the weekend might be prepared as a complement of the scholar diet. Parents of children with special diets, will have to approve and sign the menu before returning it to the Administration of the Centre.

The nutrition of breastfed babies and children with soft diet (mashed-potato) will be carried out regarding the instructions of their paediatrician, which must be specified, as a written evidence, in the “nutrition card”. Any change in the child’s nutrition must be informed to the teacher as a written notification in the school diary. Vegetables purée and fruits porridge are daily prepared in the Centre. Proteins (chicken, beef, fish and egg) will be progressively added to the menu of each child, according to individual needs and under the instructions of his/her paediatrician.

alimentacion saludable para niños

Healthy habits

As an essential aspect of nutrition, the staff try to promote the acquisition of good hygiene habits and good table manners in children. From the beginning of the course, teachers work with students in order to develop good habits regarding the child’s age:

  • Washing hands before eating.
  • Using the bib for cleaning.
  • Using the different pieces of cutlery (plate, spoon and fork) politely.
  • Do not get up from the table at lunchtime.
  • Respecting the food of other mates.
  • Collaborating on clear the table.